North Korea Marks Anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s Death

Amid anxiety about high-level purges

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North Korea commemorated the second anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s death on Tuesday, just after the purging of a top official in Pyongyang.

Images showed North Koreans laying flowers at monuments to Kim Kong Il and his father, Kim Il Sung, the first leader of North Korea, BBC reports.

Last week, Kim Jong Il’s son and successor, Kim Jong Un, presided over the execution of his uncle, former National Defense Commission chairman Jang Song Taek. He was married to Kim Jong Il’s sister, who was spared from the purge. He was accused of multiple crimes, including treason.



Young Kim has somehow turned scarier than his father, or even his grandfather.

North Korea does appear to be getting out of control, and Pyongyang seems going wild. Beijing does not like its close neighbor's rashness that can lead to irrevocable ugly consequence. What about stopping essential aids to bring young Kim to his senses?