Twitter Erupts Over the Khobrogade Affair

Some back calls to punish gay American diplomats in India

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Raj K. Raj / Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Delhi policemen watch as a bulldozer removes a barricade in front of the US Embassy on December 17, 2013 in New Delhi, India.

The “Khobragade affair” has flared a firestorm on social media. Devyani Khobragade, India’s deputy consul general in New York City, was arrested on Dec. 12 while dropping her daughter off at school. Opposition leader Narendra Modi jumped on Twitter to declare (in his very conservative tone) that he wouldn’t meet with a visiting American delegation in response to her treatment, a move that was later reprised by members of the rival Congress party.

Many users cheered the Indian government’s decision to remove barricades protecting the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi.

But some reacted to the hashtag #DevyaniHumiliated by arguing that it was actually the diplomat who had brought shame to the country.

Others thought that Modi would have done a better job, and responded even harsher, if he had been in power.

The statement by Modi’s fellow Bharatiya Janata Party politician Yashwant Sinha, suggesting that India should punish gay American diplomats, polarized opinion. Whereas a few people championed the suggestion …

… most appeared appalled:

But in the din of high-flying emotions, some calm comments still prevailed.


MickiSchloss 2 minutes ago

No one should have the right to cheat employees out of their wages.  That said, the matter could have been handle with greater diplomacy and discretion.  If Indian government officials continue to play silly retribution games the U.S. can also play those games and the ultimate loser would not be the U.S.  It is time to put this affair in perspective and to lay the blame on the agency which authorized and ordered the manner of apprehension and personal treatment of this diplomat with the understanding that what we do to foreign diplomats can also be done to ours.  Very poor decision making.

American in Israel

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@MickiSchloss you are too old... usa is setting sun, india rising sun you stupid... India should file charges against that attorney and cops for sexual assault and rape(Indian legal definition) for which minimum sentence in india is 10 years.. we need to teach these rapist some lesson


@MickiSchloss  According top the Indian  Police, the Indian diplomat's servant who filed the case in the US is herself involved in a  fraudulent visa case in Delhi. She  allegedly obtained her own US visa via improper means and there is speculation that she has used this method to obtain permanent residence in the US. Possibly she is being guided by unscrupulous  US lawyers.  The Indian reaction of anger and retaliation can be  justified ,if you remember that  a number of prominent Indian visitors including  one former Indian President were 'humiliated' by the US Immigration and Customs at the airport when they landed on US soil. Yes, Mr. Scholss, the US Officialdom has over the past few years has  displayed a very poor level of judgement  and decision making and illiteracy when it dealt with  many diplomatic issues, riding rough shod over sensitive toes of many nations and trying to justify its blunder,later by statements that  would be treated as contemptuous and arrogant  by the  .aggrieved. Let us hope the two nations can get over this spat.



India is not playing any "games" - this is a VERY serious matter to the Indian people and the Indian nation, one that the USA must understand. Let's not sugar coat the truth - India needs the USA as much as the USA needs India. India has done perfectly well for more than 40 years in the NAM when it maintained spotty relations with the USA and had close relations with Russia and gone are the days when India needed foreign aid to meet its needs. India only expects its diplomats to be treated as US would treat its diplomats and other staff.

The Indian government did not start this episode and is not going to "sweep this under the carpet" to placate America or its thuggish law enforcement that pounced upon an mother dropping her kids at school to arrest, strip search, fingerprint, swab and detain for the grave and heinous crime of "lying" on a visa form. But US "diplomats" who gun down people in broad daylight at traffic stops deserve "diplomatic immunity" are are not subject to foreign laws!