Iraqi Policeman Throws Himself on Suicide Bomber to Save Others

Ayyub Khalaf loses his own life so that Shi‘ite pilgrims can live

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Ali al-Saadi / AFP / Getty Images

Incense burning as Iraqi Shi‘ite Muslim pilgrims walk along the main highway that links the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, with the holy city of Karbala on Dec. 18, 2013, to take part in the Arbaeen religious festival that marks the 40th day after Ashura

A heroic Iraqi police officer, Ayyub Khalaf, gave his own life on Wednesday as he threw his arms around a suicide bomber moments before detonation in the middle of a procession of Iraqi pilgrims.

The 34-year-old policeman’s sacrifice almost certainly helped keep the death toll down to five, with 10 wounded, Agence France-Presse reports.

“Ayyub was martyred while defending pilgrims,” said his friend Saad Naim. “His name will be an eternal symbol because he saved the lives of dozens of innocents.”

The attack, which took place in Khales, northeast of Baghdad, is the latest in a string of strikes against Shi‘ite pilgrims. Violence in Iraq has hit a level this year not experienced since 2008.

Khalaf is survived by a wife and two children, 6 and 9 years old.



That is what a real shia is , that is the true follower of Husain (a s) People will remember you only till their memory lasts but Allah will reward you a place near the Ahlebayt (a s) and no reward can be better in this life and the hereafter , Waah Ayyub Khalaf Zinda wa Payendah baad .

“His name will be an eternal symbol because he saved the lives of dozens of innocents.”

By his act he not only saved a few dozens, hundred but dozens of humanities . Rasool Allah (saaws) said , '' one who save  the life of one person saves the humanity '' 


Not many heroes in this world, but we have just lost one of them.


@ZaheerhusainKhan A true muslim, not just a shia.. you'll be judged for being a good muslim at the day of judgement, and he truly was..