Popes Francis and Benedict Break Bread at Vatican

For a truly holy meal

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Former Pope Benedict XVI accepted an invitation to lunch from his successor, Pope Francis, and the two dined together at Francis Residence inside the Vatican Friday.

No details on the meal were released, except that the pontiffs were joined by personal secretaries and two other Vatican officials, the Associated Press reports.

Francis invited his predecessor to lunch when the two met on December 23 at the Monastary in the Vatican where Benedict has lived largely in seclusion since retiring on February 28.

Friday was not the first time the pope’s have dined together. Just 10 days after Francis’s election to the head up the Catholic church, he paid a visit to Benedict at the Vatican’s vacation retreat where he was staying before moving to the monastery.



Two guys having lunch together .


I guess journalists write in great haste.  The _second_ time the word "monastery" appears in this item, it is spelled correctly.  "The two pope's", with an apostrophe??


Now catholic religion IS  look like a boby with TWO HEADS. It is not normal. It is a big monster. It is all, it is religion, it is idolatry, IT IS ALL they want but.... not from God, nothing from what Jesus teach on the Gospel. Happy new year