Saudi Arabia Pledges $3 billion for Lebanese Army

Huge fund for "fighting terrorism" announced after the funeral of Mohamad Chatah, a senior Sunni politician killed in Beirut on Friday

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Hasan Shaaban / Reuters

Omar, center, son of former Lebanese minister Mohamad Chatah, who was killed in a bomb blast on Friday, carries his father's coffin at al-Amin mosque in downtown Beirut on Dec. 29, 2013

Saudi Arabia is to provide Lebanon’s military with a $3 billion grant, ostensibly to help in the fight against terrorism.

Lebanese President Michel Sleiman announced the windfall after the funeral of Mohamad Chatah, a senior Sunni politician who was one of six people killed in a car-bomb attack in Beirut on Friday.

Chatah, a moderate academic and former ambassador, disapproved of the support shown to Syrian President Bashar Assad by Lebanon’s Hizballah, who are Shi‘ite. Chatah was also a critic of Assad.

Saudi Arabia and Hizballah back opposing sides in Syria’s ongoing civil war.



While Israel is shelling Lebanon in retaliation, Saudi is said to be sending billions of dollars worth of arms to Beirut in preparing for a civil conflict as well as war against Israel. A chilly 2014 for perpetually chaotic Middle East.


So , give the money for arms and ammunition and don't worry about the starving . One way to cull them .