Iran and Russia Negotiating Oil Deal

Would help Tehran withstand Western sanctions

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Iran and Russia are reportedly working out the details of an oil-for-goods deal worth $1.5 billion that would enable Iran to lift its oil exports substantially and help it withstand Western economic sanctions.

Reuters, citing unnamed Russian and Iranian sources, reports that the deal would lead to Moscow buying up to 500,000 barrels of oil a day from Tehran, in return for Russian equipments and goods.

“Our officials are discussing the matter with the Russians and hopefully it will be inked soon, regardless of whether we can reach a [nuclear] agreement in Geneva,” one senior Iranian official told Reuters. The Kremlin has declined to comment on the deal.

Russia is among the six world powers that helped broker a temporary agreement with Iran last year intended to curb Iran’s nuclear development for six months and buy time for a final negotiated settlement. While Russia has no existing sanctions against Iran, both the United States and the European Union are part of a Western embargo on Iranian crude oil and other sanctions on Iran. The oil-for-goods deal could help lift Iran’s oil exports by 50 percent. It’s unclear whether this deal will be finalized before the end of the temporary nuclear agreement in May.



The sanctions are over, and that's positive. 

others will follow this move. 

Time for the games to end. 

We're not going to war, and we could be signing our own deals. 

Thank you Vladimir for helping us stumble past all this nonsense. 

Sign the treaty, and Obama -- veto the new sanctions bill.

Iran is not going to commit suicide by nuking Israel, this is and has always been a ridiculous fantasy.

Saudis, not Iranians, flew those planes into our Towers. 

Saudi fanatics, not iranians, are training suicide bombers in Yemen. 


Nikolai BOBKIN.

«US Sanctions and Iranian Nuclear Program»

«There are four United Nations Security Council resolutions in force which impose sanctions against Iran. Besides, there are sanctions in effect that have been imposed unilaterally by the United States, the step to be followed by the European Union. Russia finds these measures illegitimate and damaging to the negotiation process.»


The US lead Oil embargo on Iran makes no sense any more. On the one hand,the US is pushing for a non-nuclear Iran to open up and on the other persists with these silly sanctions from the Ahmedinajad's days. Putin must be given credit to bring Iran into mainstream diplomacy and Iran must be rewarded for its cooperation. This is good news.