India’s Opposition Leader Takes on Congress and Corruption

The BJP's Narendra Modi, running for PM in polls this year, spells out his vision for India

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From setting up “smart cities” and “zero tolerance against corruption” to building specialist hospitals in every state and overhauling industry, Narendra Modi, Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate promised the moon and more to Indian voters in a wide-ranging speech Sunday.

Modi has been pulled up for months by critics for slamming the ruling Congress party’s policies but rarely coming up with alternatives. However, his idea of India is “wishful thinking” in parts even if “progressive and holistic” in others, says an editorial in the Hindustan Times.

During his 75-minute speech, Modi said Congress’ failure to name a prime ministerial candidate was an admission of defeat.

A superior orator and experienced administrator, Modi is credited with the economic development with Gujarat and many see him as the leader India needs to reverse its ailing economic fortunes. However, while he has never been charged with any crimes, his alleged complicity in the 2002 communal riots that killed many Muslims continues to haunt him.

His speech (in Hindi) is featured below.


ha ha ha mr.sridhar well u r totally lacked of info,1) its the first time in india that major seats are in urban areas, 2) modiji has amazing acceptance in rural india too. 3) well indian courts under the rule of congress have given him clean chit thrice, 4) from when do usa decides who is right and wrong, i hope u all remember how many muslims u r killing in iraq and other place, 5) sonia gandhis and congress black money is in usa that is the reason that they use that leverage on modi. 6)usa and time which talks tall about democracy, well indian democratic courts gave hime clean chit, 7) have u been to gujarat all including muslims are doing good, 8) riots have always happened in gujarat but after him coming no riots, 9) more people have died in riots in india under congress rule yet no court inquiries. 10) congress has eatten out the people of india, do u have any idea how bad they have done the situtation, 11) all anti modi propoganda is congress made and paid, all wrong, 12) i hope u read and use some brains too.


Modi and the BJP are excellent salesmen and have an army of PR specialists selling the moon! But, the hard reality is that rural India is where the next election will be fought and Modi's slick sales will have no impact. There are numerous Parties with one common agenda i.e keep BJP out at all cost!


Just wondering, Sir. When the magazines like yours and authors like you keep on repeating the following sentence in all their articles, don't you think that it is that magazine and that author who is liable to keep this theme alive even though it should be buried long ago? Why do you keep doing this, and what is your motive? 

"....However, while he has never been charged with any crimes, his alleged complicity in the 2002 communal riots that killed many Muslims continues to haunt him."