Rob Ford Admits He Was Drinking in New Video

The Toronto mayor is apparently off the wagon

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has admitted that he was drinking when a new video that shows him swearing and slurring his words was shot on Monday night. Ford swore he stopped drinking or doing drugs two months ago.

The new video of Ford was posted to YouTube Tuesday and purported to show the mayor speaking in a Jamaican accent at a restaurant Monday night. Ford is incomprehensible in the video.

Ford told reporters Tuesday afternoon that the video was real and that it was new. “I was with some friends and what I do in my personal life with personal friends…it has nothing to do with you guys,” he told CTV News.

Ford has previously claimed that he has been sober since November and said that his sobriety is a necessary step before the October mayoral race in Toronto.

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So he is out with friends having fun.   Big deal.   In other news, I had 2 slices of toast for breakfast this morning.


Once an alcoholic , always an alcoholic .


Here's an undoubted shocker for TIME Magazine and Eliana Dockterman:  In many cases, across the globe, PEOPLE GRAB A DRINK OR TWO AFTER THE WORK DAY ENDS!!

Oh, and when people get a little 'tipsy,' they let their guard down a bit.  And, when that happens - brace yourselves here! - they tell funny stories, and do ridiculous impersonations or imitations of people or things. 

And, when that happens, accents and racial stereotypes just might be used!!!  (Take a moment to catch your breath there) 

My point is simple:  GET OVER IT!  Whether it's Rob Ford or Rob Obama, everyone does more ridiculous stuff when they've had a few drinks in them.