‘Ukrainian Protester’ Makes Dramatic Plea For International Support

‘This is not about the Euro Union, this is all about truth!’

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Fighting between protesters and police in the Ukrainian capital Kiev continued to intensify on Monday, following the passage of an anti-demonstration law aimed at silencing dissent in the country. Demonstrators responded to the police’s use of teargas with molotov cocktails. The Interior Ministry said that 80 police officers had been hospitalized during the clashes. AFP reported that more than 200 demonstrators had been injured so far.

On Monday, the Kyiv Post in its live blog drew attention to a man who appears to be a protester making a dramatic plea to the international community, asking for help.

[Kyiv Post]


stop the abuse of the Ukr.. people


Three killed. In citizens shoot. Drove a tank. At the same time, Yanukovych called for negotiations (!). Comments are not needed here ... 

Any negotiations with such power can not be and never will. Barroso calls for peace talks? Let him stand up in the cold and see what happens. 

Quote from Ukrainian sources (verbatim): 

"The EU has been: I am outraged. Excited. Shocked. Will continue to grieve. Sympathize. Share sorrow and so on." (c) 


"This is an attempt to split the country in favor of Putin." (c) 

"Cabinet authorized the use of water cannons in the cold and shoot new  grenades with firearms. Evening planned cleansing Maidan." (с)

Continued to write makes no sense, and so everything is clear.


In Ukraine there is a true Stalin regime led by Yanukovitch (they can throw me in jail only for writing this and it’s not a metaphor).

All international human rights conventions are ruthlessly violated by the government.

Peaceful protesters are beaten to coma.

Journalists are shot in the face with rubber bullets for showing the events:


People are thrown in jail for walking around the central Kyiv square and are imposed with criminal charges, caught and beaten by the police just out of sheer fun. People are kidnapped.

It’s the time for UN peacekeepers to protect the Ukrainians from the government. Otherwise we die or migrate legally or illegally to the EU or USA (and for sure you don’t want this).


He will not stop. He and his friends - the bandits, and acted only by such methods. Stupid bid talks only two months later along with the order smash Kiev, apply bullets and attack citizens this only confirms. 

Ukrainians - not Belarusians and Russians. Putin  waiting for a repetition of the Georgian scenario. He has nothing to do in Ukraine.

And that kind of power - is unacceptable.

Sorry for the grammar, not know very well English.


everything's going according to Syrian scenario...Yanukovich must stop the violation right now.