Protesters Block Thai Voting Stations Ahead of Elections

Antigovernment demonstrators want the current administration replaced with a nonelected "people's council"

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Antigovernment protesters mobbed Thai polling stations Sunday, threatening would-be voters and preventing hundred of thousands from casting ballots in an effort to derail pre-general-election voting, reports the Associated Press.

The minority antigovernment demonstrators want the current administration replaced with a nonelected “people’s council” in order to fight corruption, which they say has plagued Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s government, as well as her brother’s, who was deposed in a 2006 coup.

Yingluck called for a Feb. 2 vote in order to quell unrest in the country that has pitted Bangkok’s middle classes and southern Thais against progovernment supporters from the poorer but populous north.

A confrontation in front of a polling center left 11 people wounded and a protest faction leader shot dead, while brawls broke out in Bangkok.




Advertisers who support Democracy should stop advertising in a media which is a tool of anti-democracy forces. Stop buying Bangkokpost newspapers.

Newspapers and online media in virtually all countries in Asia have reported a US State Department statement. Yet Thailand's English media BangkokPost refused to mention it at all. Not surprising, Bangkokpost is owned by the Chirathivat family, who owns the Central Group, which leases royally owned land for their malls, hotels and properties. By necessity, and close association, they are royalists and will not publish views deemed otherwise. That's why their forums allow so much hatred and lies from royalists, yet hardly publishes facts that counter such lies. Perhaps multinational companies that believes in democracy should stop advertising in Bangkokpost until such time they stop being servants of those feudal lords who cause so much suffering to the poor.


US State Department issued a statement that it is not biased as alleged by the PDRC. "The United States is deeply troubled by efforts to block polls and otherwise prevent voting in Thailand, and by the most recent acts of political violence," State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said in a statement."While we do not take sides in the political dispute and strongly support freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest, preventing citizens from voting violates their universal rights and is inconsistent with democratic values," Psaki said.



I knew when clinton showed up; the country would incur the wrath. I still remember colombia. These elitists only have one view... that is instability and murderous ways; to get to your rare minerals. Good luck.