E.U. Calls for New Government and Elections in Ukraine

President Viktor Yanukovych's crackdown against ongoing protests alarms the organization

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The protests continue in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, and the crackdown on them have now caused the European Union to call for a new government

The E.U. is toughening its stance on Ukraine, rebuking President Viktor Yanukovych and calling for a new government to be formed.

In a joint statement by the 28 foreign ministers of member states, the bloc urged Yanukovych to allow for “a new and inclusive government, constitutional reform bringing more balance of powers, and preparations for free and fair presidential elections.”

Signatories expressed concern regarding recent violence, “cases of missing persons, torture and intimidation” and “continuous cases of deliberate targeting of organizers and participants of peaceful protests as well as of journalists.”

Anti-government protests broke out in Ukraine around three months ago after Yanukovych announced that he would sign a loan package from Russia instead of a free-trade agreement with the E.U.



# Ukrain What's going to happen?


The mandate for individuals is a lot softer than the mandate for companies. Basically, as I understand it for a significant chunk of the population, if they don't get health care through their jobs, it is cheaper to not comply than to comply. For businesses, it is cheaper to comply (somehow) than to be out of compliance. So delaying the employer mandate means 1-2 years of the cost being driven up. If the individual mandate were stronger, I'd agree.

Also, there's some anecdotal information which I want to start and end with a pair of disclosures: First disclosure, for the first two years of ACA and 10 years before it, I was CEO of a small agency that provides health insurance to its staff, in 2012 and 2013 I was not responsible for providing health insurance and this year I am again so there's some discontinuity in my experience.

Now the data: For the first two years of ACA, the cost of health insurance for the agency I was running rose in the middle single digits, which was a lot slower than it had been before ACA. I just got the quote for my new agency's health insurance next year and we're back to double-digit growth in the cost of health-care.

So the second disclosure is that assuming ACA was at least partly responsible for the decline in the rate of increase of health insurance and assuming the delays of ACA is at least partly responsible for health care costs accelerating again, it is entirely possible that with compounding, our health insurance expenses will be lower next year than they would have been without ACA despite the eye-popping increase this year. I'm not trying to argue that ACA has failed. But I am trying to argue that we should be open to the possibility that these delays aren't benign. I suspect they're expensive and inefficient.


The upturn is yet too feeble for celebration other than acknowledging these figures with hope.

The downturn has been so severe, structural and long-lasting in Southern Europe that nothing will be good enough for many years to come.

The hardest bit is to figure out which are the real growth drivers into the future.

There seems to be, alas at long last, growing realization amongst relevant actors that some level of re-industrialization is direly called for.

It cannot and will not happen overnight but at least a start does appear to have been made. An issue that was conveniently shoved to the sidelines while the going was good. Hardly really, as debt-fuelled excessive consumption of imports served as a smokescreen for thousands of companies that shutdown entirely or relocated their production to far corners of the world. 

To add insult to injury warehouses and distribution centres stayed open with skeleton staff manning them to process the 'goodies' now brought in from elsewhere.

If there is a flip side to current weakness in vast regions across Europe it is well out-of-sight for the time being.

The Eurozone as a whole will have to show much greater purpose before practical outcomes emerge for millions sharing the single currency.


Support Ukrainian Revolution!


What's EU's business in interfering into Ukraine's political future? Let the Ukrainians decide what they want to do.. new government or stay with the old one..


To violate Ukraine constitution ?  Isn't it enough that EU/US /CIA were calling and paying for violence in Ukraine ?