2 Dead in Venezuela Protests

An initially peaceful protest turned deadly as pro-government vigilantes opened fire on student demonstrations against the President

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Protests in Caracas against President Nicolás Maduro erupted in violence Wednesday, leaving at least two dead as anti-government demonstrators clashed with security forces and armed pro-government vigilantes.

Following a day of peaceful demonstration by a crowd of roughly 10,000, a small group of roughly 100 students stayed after most of the crowd dispersed and began setting fire to trash cans and tearing out sidewalks to throw at police, the Wall Street Journal reports. An armed gang of pro-government vigilantes on motorcycles opened fire on the students, killing 24-year-old Bazil D’Acosta. The leader of the pro-government 23rd of January collective (a militant pro-government group) was also killed in the violence though how remains unclear.

The clashes are the culmination of weeks of increasingly violent demonstrations against the Maduro administration taking place around the country. Demonstrators have voiced frustration over a multitude of issues including economic difficulties and crime.

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So Mr. Ripe (Maduro) bans all protests against him because "someone" killed protesters. Is that convenient or what? Gee, wonder who did the killing?

Modelling your country on Cuba has only one benefit -- the guy at the top can do whatever he wants and he will stay in charge for life. The people, however, get to live a life of deprevation. But the "blame the other guy who suppresses" -- in this case the US, works every time.

Chavez trashed one of the best economies in Latin America to get elected, then as a dictator. What took him down was trusting Castro when he said he had great medicine. And Maduro is no Chavez -- he cheated his way into an election literally during a funeral.