Afghanistan Frees 65 Suspected Militants, Angering U.S.

The U.S. says the prisoners could now pose a security threat to Afghan and international troops

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The Afghan government released 65 accused militants from a former U.S. prison on Thursday, despite U.S. warnings that the detainees pose a serious security threat, in a move that further strains relations between Washington and Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Karzai ordered the release of the detainees weeks ago, less than a year after the Afghan government took over prisons from U.S. troops, the AP reported. The decision comes in the wake of a refusal by Karzai to sign a long-negotiated bilateral security agreement that would allow a residual U.S. force to remain in Afghanistan after the planned pullout of most foreign troops by the end of the year.

As the international mission in Afghanistan winds down, U.S. officials criticized Afghanistan’s decision, arguing that the freed men are Taliban fighters who will likely return to the battlefield to attack coalition and Afghan forces.

“The release of these dangerous individuals poses a threat to U.S. coalition and Afghan national-security forces as well as the Afghan population,” the U.S. command in Kabul said in a statement.

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Karzai is only trying to protect his butt in preparation for the eventual withdrawal of US forces. Pacifying the Taliban because they will soon be in power. He is dead if he stays in Afghanistan. 

How many lives/years/cost would it take before the West to realize that it is pointless to support Islamic nations. More than 70% of Pakistanis  one of the major receiver of US funds hates US. Egypt, Palestine, Libya, Iraq are other examples of failed Western aid gone down the drain. 


"Laughing and smiling?", isn't tthat what all this crap was supposed to be about? Making the Afghans happy with newfound freedom? And these Afghans are getting out of OUR jail. WE held 1700 of them captive with no formal charges and no hjustice - other than in our mind. To-day 65 were released.  What happened to the other 1635 of them?. Are they 'worse' and sttill being held? Or are they,, long ago, set free of unjust imprisonment. 

If all that evidence was there, why were they never placed before the courts WE set up? The afghans say there is not enough to convict them, if we knew different we should have acted,  long ago. How many 'evildoers' have we actually tried and convicted  in Guantanamo? None - they all 'confessed' and were set free.  Many of 'the innocent' - and there ARE a whack of those -  were held for years before being released, and 'renditioned'  far from their homes. Some are still being held -  prisoners 'for their own good' and because America can't think of anything better to do with them.

Arresting the whole world, or even trying to,  is the stuff of a Hollywood scenario, it should not be real life.. 

But America did that to Afghanistan. Shame.