Ukraine Riot Police Advance on Protesters, 18 Dead in Clashes

It was the bloodiest day of clashes since protests began three months ago

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Police advanced on protesters’ encampment in the center of Kiev on Tuesday night, threatening to recapture the focal point of Ukraine’s unrest after the deadliest day of violence in three months resulted in at least thirteen deaths—including six police officers—and hundreds wounded.

The situation was volatile but local news footage showed riot police approaching he edge of the square where thousands of activists have been gathered, while protesters hurled petrol bombs, fireworks and stones over the barricades, Reuters reports. Authorities had set a 6 p.m. deadline for protesters to disperse. Soon the encampment was seen in flames.

The violence erupted Tuesday after protesters marched out of their encampments in the center of Kiev, accusing the government of ignoring their demands after nearly three months of protests have held the city at a standstill. Before evening, thousands of protestors streamed to Kiev’s Independence Square to defend the the sprawling protest camp there, after opposition leaders warned of an imminent police attack.

The events Tuesday signaled a bloody turn after months of unrest over the Ukrainian government’s decision to forgo a trade agreement with Europe in favor of closer ties with Russia.


There could be some People who might disagree with what is written in this comment, but that is Reflection upon Themselves, rather than upon those who Respect Democratic Principles.

There are Many People who are now thinking that because of Euro-America's Dirty Dealings in Ukraine, that the Anti Democratic European Union might have Bribed the Norwegian Nobel Committee to sell the European Union a Nobel Peace Prize.

Euro-America is to blame for the situation in Ukraine, and it needs to be said that the Ukrainian Opposition Political Parties are More to Blame, because their Actions have also Proven to be Anti Democratic, and to be Controlled by Euro-America, and they should have told Foreigners not to disturb another Country's Constitutional Arrangements.

There are Many People who think that if an Opposition acts Irresponsibly and in an Unfitting way as an Opposition, then they will also be Irresponsible and Unfit as a Government, and it is the Government who is now has the Unenviable task of restoring order in Ukraine, which was created by Euro-America with the collusion of Ukrainian Opposition Political Parties.

There are Many People who think that the Ukrainian Opposition Political Parties should stay in Opposition, and learn how to be a Responsible Opposition in order to be able to go the next Election with credibility.

There are Many People who think that the Opposition Political Parties should have said to the Euro-American Dictators, that Ukraine is a Constitutional Democracy, and Ukrainian Politicians and Ukrainian People will decide matters at Constitutionally Scheduled Elections, and not with Rioting in the streets.

There are Many People who think that this was Always a matter for Ukraine to resolve using its Constitutional and Democratic Provisions. and that it was Never for Euro-America to Interfere in Ukraine, but to let Voters deicide matters at Constitutionally Scheduled Elections.