India to Release Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassins

Seven plotters, including former death row inmates, receive an official pardon

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Robert Nickelsberg / Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

Rajiv Gandhi, decked in garlands, campaigning for May parliamentary election, in Uttar Pradesh state.

The state government of Tamil Nadu will release seven people convicted in the killing of India’s former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

The Guardian reports that the decision comes one day after India’s Supreme Court commuted death sentences for three of the inmates to life imprisonment.

The justices ruled that 20 years of “unexplained delays” in the execution date constituted inhumane treatment. One day later the state government determined that roughly 20 years in prison was long enough.

Rajiv Gandhi was killed by a female suicide bomber in 1991.



What is requested to consider, culprits had committed serious crime , were awarded death penalty, & instead of death penalty ,life imprisonment punishment was given .This itself is relief for convicts.

Second, attempt to release criminals of serious crime grately affects sentiment of bereaved family members , their near dear & loved one shall never come back ,hence attempt  to release criminals was hasty action


it looks like India's democracy is maturing.