Former Pope Benedict Denies Claims He Was Forced Out

Makes rare public statement on media speculation following his resignation last year

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Former Pope Benedict XVI has denied he was forced to step down from the papacy nearly a year ago.

“There is absolutely no doubt regarding the validity of my resignation from the Petrine ministry,” wrote Benedict in a letter that was published on the Italian website Vatican Insider on Wednesday, in response to fresh media claims about the circumstances surrounding his resignation.

The Italian newspaper Libero revived speculation this month that the former head of the Catholic church had been forced to resign from his position because of scandals and allegations of corruption in the Vatican, reports Reuters.

But Benedict called the allegations “absurd”. Vatican law dictates that a pope’s resignation is only valid if the decision is taken in full autonomous freedom, without pressure from others. “The only condition for the validity of my resignation is the complete freedom of my decision. Speculation regarding its validity is simple absurd,” he wrote.

The now pope emeritus announced his decision to step down in February last year, becoming the first pope in 600 years to do so. His resignation led the way for Pope Francis to be elected as the first non-European pope in 1,300 years a month later.



Part I of II

Last August Pope Benedict said he resigned "because God told me to do it", a "mystical experience" during a dialogue with God convinced Pope Emeritus Benedict to resign as head of the Roman Catholic Church, he said.

No wonder there's speculation, since Benedict lied about his resignation, and lied too concerning his "mystical experience". So why did Benedict resign, you ask? Read on...

We now have Pope Francis displaying servility to foreign rulers by bowing to them, including bowing to the murdering dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe...

Of course, no representative of Christ would display servility to another human being. That would be reserved for Christ. So why does Pope Francis do it? Because he was told to. By whom, you ask?

As I've been telling readers for some two-years now, the Vatican was co-opted by Moscow and allies in 1958 with the "election" of Pope John XXIII. When the inexplicable "resignation" of Pope Benedict occurred last February, many were shocked, realizing I had indeed hit on the truth. Then last August Benedict contradicted himself, giving us another reason why he "resigned"--God told him too!

You see, it was in the early 1960s that the Vatican inexplicably changed its policy towards priests caught molesting children. The old policy was to remove the offending priest from the unsupervised company of Catholic children, a move consistent with Christian values, since (1) the Vatican knew what would happen to such priests if sent to prison; and (2) it stopped in its tracks any further abuse of Catholic children by the offending priest.

But in the early 1960s the Vatican's policy inexplicably changed to passing the offending priest to unsuspecting parishes, where the molestation of Catholic children could continue, vastly increasing the number of Catholic children abused. The policy shift also had the side effect of encouraging pedophiles to join the seminaries, in order to get some of the action their pedophile priest-friends told them about.

You see, if Believers were in control of the Vatican, naturally such a policy shift would never have taken place, since Believers in Christ in the Vatican would never knowingly place Catholic children in harms way. Never thought about that, huh?

We also have the incident where in 1998 Pope John Paul II tried to palm off on the Swiss Guard an East German Stasi agent for the position of Commander...

Several hours after Alois Estermann is promoted to commander of the Swiss Guard by Pope John Paul II, Estermann and his wife (along with another Swiss Guard) are found dead in their Vatican apartment. Days later the European press reports that Estermann had been an East German Stasi agent since 1979.

For those of you wondering how could the Moscow network in the Vatican still be operational, since the USSR "collapsed" in 1991, take a look at these…

Take a look at these pictures out of Russia…


Then for Russian Naval vessels (take a look at what's still appended to the bows)…

Those pictures were taken in 2009, 2004 and 2013, respectively, not before the "collapse" of the USSR. As you can see, the distinct Soviet era nationality emblem of the Communist Party...the distinct-designed Red Star... is still present. That political symbol of the Soviet government would have been immediately removed in early 1992 if the "collapse" of the USSR were genuine. As the legal emblem of the USSR and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the distinctive Red Star nationality emblem can only be present if Communists are still in power in Russia and the other 14 republics that made up the USSR.


There was a Frontline presentation that dealt with just this issue.  It aired last night on PBS.  I encourage everyone to watch it because it will clearly show that this man is talking out of the other side of his face.  He helped pedophiles for years.  Have a great day!


But this article has left out the really important information about the Pope Emeritus.  Does he still have those adorable red shoes hand-lasted for him by Prada?  Is he still wearing that fragrance created for him exclusively by an Italian perfumer?  Is his long-time companion, the hunky Archbishop, still hanging around?

Enquiring minds want to know.  


How exactly does someone force a pope to resign?  Who would have that authority?  Can someone speculate on that?


"Simply absurd," is believing anything coming out of the Vatican and their perfidious coterie.


Part II of II

Now, the distinct Soviet roundel (a roundel is the nationality emblem on military aircraft that identifies the nation the aircraft belongs to) is a five-pointed Red Star with a white border area and an outer thin red line, as the link immediately below shows...

Now, take a look at the Soviet nationality roundel on a Russian military aircraft in 2009:

Take a look at what's still on Aeroflot aircraft...

Note the Soviet emblem of the hammer & sickle stenciled on the Aeroflot aircraft's fuselage!

Now, for the main paper of the Russian Ministry of Defense…

“Krasnaya Zvezda” is Russian (no kidding!) for "Red Star", the official newspaper of Soviet and later Russian Ministry of Defense. The paper's official designation is, "Central Organ of the Russian Ministry of Defense." Note the four Soviet emblems next to the still existing Soviet era masthead, one of which pictures Lenin's head, the man who removed the independent Russian nation from the map, supplanting it within the new nation called the USSR (the USSR being the nation that was to one day include all the nations of the Earth, incorporation taking place either by violent revolution or deception)! Those Soviet emblems and Lenin's head can't still be next to the masthead of the Russian Ministry of Defense's newspaper due to their association with the Soviet Union and its ideals of world revolution.

The fraudulent "collapse" of the USSR (and East Bloc) couldn't have been pulled off until both political parties in the United States (and political parties elsewhere in the West) were co-opted by Moscow & Allies, which explains why verification of the “collapse” was never undertaken by the West, such verification being (1) a natural administrative procedure (since the USSR wasn’t occupied by Western military forces); and (2) necessary for the survival of the West. Recall President Reagan's favorite phrase, "Trust, but verify". Notice that not one political party in the West demanded verification, and the media failed to alert your attention to this fact, including the "alternative" media. When determining whether the "former" USSR is complying with arms control treaties, what does the United States do to confirm compliance? Right, the United States sends into the "former" USSR investigative teams to VERIFY compliance, yet when it's the fate of the West that's at stake should the collapse of the USSR be a ruse, what does the United States do to confirm the collapse? Nothing!


@marymcc2001  According to Frontline, and I encourage you to watch, the Pope got a report on the condition of the Church one day, and resigned the nest.  What does that tell you?  Have a great day!


@marymcc2001  It's called verbum sapienti: 'death threats,' 'black mail,' 'extortion,' and other comportment of the church.


@CharlesRKiss  Where do you think Tpublican'ts learned how to control their employees.  Lol!