Pro-Russia Forces Storm Government Offices in Ukraine’s Crimea

Tensions continue to escalate near Russian naval base in the country

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Heavily armed gunmen seized a number of government office buildings in Ukraine’s Crimea region on Thursday, and have reportedly raised a Russia flag above one of their barricades, according to the AP.

The startling escalation of tensions on the restive peninsula comes nearly a week after pro-Kremlin Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev, much to the chagrin of Russian President Vladmir Putin, who was accused of propping up the embattled leader during months of protest against his rule.

Acting Ukrainian President Oleksandr Turchynov warned that if Russian forces left their naval base in nearby Sevastopol, the home of Moscow’s Black Sea fleet, his caretaker administration would consider the move an act of “military aggression.”

The gunmen inside the Crimean parliamentarian building have yet to release any demands, but have erected a sign saying “Crimea is Russia.”

Since Yanukovych’s ousting on Feb. 22, Ukraine has seen escalating and often violent pro-Russia and pro-Europe divisions.



After illegal seizure of power and overthrowing the legitimately elected  President the nationalist junta turned Ukraine into chaos and anarchy, when police is disbanded and streets are all in the hands of armed gangs.

Russian patriots in Crimea stepped forward to defend civilians and has taken control of the peninsula. Regional council of Crimea has announced a popular referendum on May 25 th for the people to decide the fate of the province, whether people want to stay in the country where rule of law is neglected, to ask for help and protection its brother nation of Russia or to declare full independence.


World War 3: Reloaded. Coming soon in your cinema near you.


Its odd, before they where called protesters and now the headline states forces. Double standerds?