Want to Shoot Japanese War Criminals? China’s State Media Has a Game For That

This probably isn't going to do anything for Sino-Japanese relations

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Choose from 14 Class A Japanese war criminals

Amid increasing tensions over territorial disputes and Japanese World War II atrocities, the social media arm of China’s state-runĀ People’s Daily has released an online game called ‘Shoot the Devils,’ in which players shoot Japanese war criminals.

The 14 Class A war criminals players get to choose from are honored at Yasukuni Shrine, to which Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe paid a controversial visit in December.

“The purpose is to expose the crimes of the Japanese invaders through the much-loved game form and make netizens remember history [and] cherish peace,” said the developers of ‘Shoot the Devils,’ a game that is similar to one released by the state last month, where players taser corrupt officials.

Many users of microblogging site Weibo called the game ‘childish.’



I'll shoot, 14 million times for the Chinese people killed by them.