Must-Reads from Around the World: April 5, 2012

In Response – Under the headline “Nobel Laureates Clueless About Real Tibet,” semi-official mouthpiece Global Times rebuts a recent open letter from 12 Nobel laureates to Chinese leaders raising concerns about the self-immolation …

Must-Reads from Around the World: April 3, 2012

Taking Stock – The Jerusalem Post says Israel’s security cabinet has been briefed on a worst-case scenario in a potential war with Iran. Israeli TV news station Channel 10 reported that experts estimate less than 300 people would …

Must-Reads from Around the World: March 13, 2012

Shattered Calm An Afghan government delegation came under fire by Taliban militants in the early hours of Tuesday as they visited the village where a U.S. soldier is accused of killing 16 civilians. The Washington Post

Must-Reads From Around the World: March 8, 2012

Nuclear North Korea — Based on newly released satellite images, the Washington-based Institute of Science and International Security says North Korea has made progress in building a light-water reactor to expand its nuclear program, The Guardian reports. (North Korea says the reactor is for electricity generation.) This information …

Putin’s Pitch: 5 Creepy Campaign Commercials

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin looks set to win his country’s March 4 presidential election. Drawing on his long-cultivated personality cult, Putin’s campaign conjured up a number of tawdry, creepy commercials.

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