Couch Potato Briefing: Immigrants, Idiots and Crumbling Empires

Here’s our latest installment of five rental films to watch this weekend to get you up to speed with our week in news. Compiled by Ishaan Tharoor and Tony Karon.

Carry On Up the Khyber

It’s a truth we’ve all read (and written about) for a while now: as grumpy as Washington may be with the Pakistanis for having let Osama bin …

Mideast Peace Envoy Mitchell to Resign: Who Knew He Was Still on the Job?

Senator George Mitchell is no fool, so it should come as no surprise that he’s no longer prepared to undertake the fool’s-errand assignment of being President Barack Obama’s Special Envoy on Middle East peace. News that the 77-year-old retired senator who brokered the Northern Ireland peace agreement will on Friday resign the position …

Global Briefing, May 11, 2011: Paradoxes, Pots and Kettles

Osama’s Irrelevance — The Taliban won’t miss bin Laden, observes Julius Cavendish in a dispatch from Kabul. The goals of Afghanistan’s insurgency are national, and even many Taliban leaders resented al-Qaeda’s presence on their turf.

Pots and Kettles — In an interview with the Atlantic, Hilary Clinton lashes out at China, calling …

What Do Israel’s Leaders Really Think About Iran?

Israel bombing Iran could, indeed, be a spectacularly stupid idea, but does the Israeli public really need to hear that? That not-in-front-of-the-kids message seemed to be the gist of Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak’s criticism of Meir Dagan, recently retired head of the Mossad intelligence agency, who last week warned publicly that …

Couch Potato Briefing: Of Navy SEALs and Terrorist Masterminds

Global Spin’s weekly menu of five rental movies to bring you up to speed with world events focuses on the only theme in this week’s headlines: The raid that killed Osama bin-Laden

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

White House squeamishness over releasing photographs of the bloodied corpse of Osama bin Laden calls to mind …

Global Briefing: Sorcery and Skullduggery

Game of Thrones — As the world’s attention focuses on Pakistan, a fascinating power struggle is playing out in Iran between controversial President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the country’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The Guardian reports that a number of prominent Ahmadinejad allies have been arrested on archaic charges of

Talking Past Each Other: Hamas Broaches Peace While Israel Sees Only Terror

Almost unnoticed on Wednesday, as two rival Palestinian factions agreed to bury the hatchet, was the head of Hamas announcing that his group, which exists for armed struggle against Israel, was willing to give peace with the Jewish state a chance, too. The statement from Khaled Mashal was grudging and hardly optimistic, but cut enough …

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