As Nuclear Emergency Worsens, Death Toll Jumps

Report from TIME’s Krista Mahr in Kesennuma:

There are few good places to be right now in what’s left of this savaged corner of Kesennuma, Japan. But the gymnasium at the Hibiki High School is the very last place anybody wants to have to visit. On a hilltop over the washed-out mud flats where houses stood this time last week, the …

Trying to Get to an Earthquake: Travels in Japan

Here are some initial thoughts on Japan’s disaster zone from TIME’s Hannah Beech and Krista Mahr:

This is a country that lives by timetables, that prides itself on predicting how to get people to places within the minute even under the most unusual circumstances. But no one could have predicted the unleashing of the worst-ever …

How Japan’s ‘Culture of Preparedness’ Saves Lives

Perched on the Ring of Fire, an arc of seismic activity that encircles the Pacific Basin, Japan is one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world — but it’s also one of the best equipped to handle them.

Having survived the ‘Great Kanto Earthquake’ of 1923, the utter the devastation of World War II and the 1995 …

How America Overestimates China’s Rise

Here are my quick two cents from a trip back to the U.S. from China. Two years ago when I was last here, I felt like the smart, educated people I talked to underestimated China’s rise. Yes, the Olympics had shown the world that Beijing was a big city full of modern buildings and amazingly talented athletes. But there was still this …

Lu Chuan’s City of Life and Death

Two years after shooting began, Lu Chuan’s (Kekexili, The Missing Gun) $12 million Hong Kong-China co-production, City of Life and Death (南京!南京!),finally opened on the mainland on April 22 and in Hong Kong on May 7. It’s not easy to take on a subject like the Nanjing massacre—Iris Chang’s Rape of Nanking is still …

10 Questions for Jackie Chan

What’s the message behind his new film Shinjuku Incident? What’s the most dangerous stunt he’s ever done? Is Jackie ready for Bollywood? Read the interview here. Watch the video here (under Entertainment).

Asia Braces for Spike in Suicides

Here‘s our piece on suicide in Asia in the wake of the current global economic crisis. A new study examines the dramatic jump in suicides following the Asian financial crisis a decade ago. Compared to 1997, suicide rates among men in 1998 rose by 44% in Hong Kong, 39% in Japan and 45% in South Korea. Governments need to come up with

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