Stop the Presses: a Major US Presidential Candidate Actually Mentions China!

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Wow. What a concept. In the spectacularly inane US Presidential race—and I do mean spectacularly (and yes, that’s a shot at the US political press,which appears utterly unaware that it’s become a straight-out-of-Comedy-Central-parody of itself…)– one of the leading contenders has actually broadcast a television ad on the eve of the Iowa caucuses that’s about—-shhhh!—China.
China! Can you imagine? What was he thinking? (Can we please go back to the crucial issue of whether that was a “floating cross” in Mike Huckabee’s Christmas Eve ad? The future of the nation depends on it…)
Never mind that former Governor Mitt Romney doesn’t exactly say how he’ll “level the playing field” with an economy that’s growing “three times faster than ours” (presumably not by getting Americans to work in factories for a dollar an hour). At least the guy devotes 30 seconds of television time to the second most important foreign policy subject out there. Maybe some crack American political reporter will actually ask him about it.
Or, more likely, not…
Here’s the link to the spot…