Sichuan Earthquake Donation: More Info

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A good number of people responded to the previous post with alternative ways of contributing money, including by Pay Pal and through outfits other than the Red Cross. Rather than reproduce it all here, I’d direct anyone interested in donating to the comments section of the previous post, which features a number of useful links and information on some that are broken or overwhelmed. Many thanks to readers for posting them.

Separately, I am afraid that the death toll will be very much higher than it is at present, possibly approaching 100,000. Austin is in the disaster area right now, and from what he says and from reading other reports, it’s clear that many tens of thousands of people are still buried under collapsed buildings and that despite the enormous efforts made to mobilize resources for the relief effort, time is running out. Desperate, agonizing times for the families of the victims, many of whom understandably feel they can’t leave their loved ones alone while there is still a chance, however remote, they could be rescued.