Maison Boulud Beijing: The Movie

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As I mentioned earlier, I ate at the new Beijing outpost in the growing empire of New York-based super chef Daniel Boulud. The food actually exceeded my expectations, which were pretty high, classic, unfussy dishes highlighting the ingredients. Not an atomiser in sight (or molecularizer or whatever it is they use at Bulli, the much-caressed experimental restaurant in Spain). Anyway, I shot some footage of the action in the kitchen. You’ll see they are by no means understaffed with around 14 cooks and bottle washers. I guess that’s what it takes to achieve that level of cooking on that scale. The two dishes you see being prepared are pork belly, which Boulud himself describes in the clip, and a starter you can see him assembling of scallop and fried zucchini flower with roast tomatoes and, I think, a salsa verde. I had it. It was great.