Fake Pandas and T-Shirts

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My colleague Howard Chua-Eoan has a nice round up of various April Fools jokes that appeared in the media yesterday including the inspired Taipei Times one about the pandas china gifted to Taiwan actually being common brown bears painted black and white. The punchline was that keepers became suspicious when the two animals spent all day having sex, something everyone knows (quite incorrectly of course, as I have written) that pandas are sadly undersexed and would rather watch TV or chew bamboo than procreate. Like all good jokes its has an underlying nasty truth to it (deep suspicions in Taiwan-China relations). I had thought of putting up something but found that the obvious ones (Hu Jintao to Dalai Lama “All is forgiven. Come home!”) were, sadly, not really believable. Perhaps we should have asked for suggestions. It’s not too late. I will award another of the mythical China Blog T-shirts to anyone who comes up with the best story we should have run yesterday. Actually, if someone does come up with a good one I will go out and get a China Blog t-shirt made. We’ll need a slogan of course. Maybe: 

Bulls in a China Shop


Here by the way is another joke related to China that Howard didn’t include and apparently got some Australians all riled up, despite being bylined “April Fulton.”