Global Briefing, Mar. 1, 2011: Ten Stories to Start Your Day

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The Latest on Libya — TIME writers ponder the possibility of American military intervention, wonder who is in charge and muster some thoughts on Gaddafi’s clothing.

Secret Service —  The New Yorker asks if the Times was right to stay mum on Raymond David’s CIA ties.

Child Brides — The Economists ‘daily chart’ shows, quite pointedly, the impact of early marriage on women.

Europe’s China — TIME’s Michael Schuman explains how an export boom lifted Germany from the clutches of the Great Recession.

High Fliers —Airport hubs are the ‘Silk Roads of the future,’ predicts the author of a new book on — what else? — airports. TIME wrote about airport cities in 1960.

Odd Allies— Radio Free Europe zeroes in on ties between Libya and Serbia stretching back to the days of the non-aligned movement.

The Best Defense — The New York Times chronicles Japan’s efforts to adopt a more muscular military posture.

Resource Wars —  Water management is key to avoiding conflict in South and Central Asia, argues Joshua Kucera at EurasiaNet, citing a new U.S. government report.

Fight Club —  Simon Shuster points out that Vladimir Putin’s Judo friends are getting very, very rich. See also: ‘Vladimir Putin, Action Hero,’ a bare-knuckled photoessay from TIME.

In Pictures — Photographer Steve McCurry narrates a slides-show of his images from the final days of Desert Storm, highlighting the oil-soaked, apocalyptic horror left by retreating Iraqi forces.