Global Briefing, Mar. 22, 2011: Battles and Bad Bromance

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Leading from the Back — Obama’s approach to Libya shows that “multilateralism can serve American interests,” argues Romesh Ratnesar in his weekly column for TIME.

India’s Future — The FT compares India to Russia, arguing that world’s largest democracy is sinking into crony capitalism.

Counterpoint — In the Guardian, George Monbiot explains why the crisis at Fukushima Daiichi has turned him into a nuclear power fan.

Bad Bromance — President Medvedev scolded his pal Putin, calling the PM’s comments on Libya “unacceptable.” See pictures of their recent ski holiday together, here.

Prisoners of War —  The four journalists  released by Libyan authorities yesterday share their story with the New York Times. There are still 13 journalists in custody, notes the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Picking Battles —  Nigeria’s foreign minister blasted the international community for focusing exclusively on Libya while the Ivory Coast burns, reports AFP. Here‘s TIME’s latest from the Ivory Coast.

Heroines — In the Globe and Mail, Stephanie Nolan shows how affirmative-action quotas mandating the presence of women in local government has changed India’s countryside.

Just Because — Author Junot Diaz writes a (rather lovely) love letter to Tokyo.