Global Briefing, Mar. 23, 2011: Reality Bites

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The Latest on Libya — The U.N.-mandated air campaign over Libya was hardly a knockout blow, says TIME’s reporter in Benghazi. More on Libya, here.

Japan’s Pain — Krista Mahr visits the town of Minami Sanriku, where survivors wonder if they can, or should, rebuild; Hannah Beech explores how Japan’s bureaucracy is slowing aid.

Alternative Energy — To the debate on nuclear energy, the Atlantic‘s Alex Madrigal adds a list of 25 recent, non-nuclear disasters.

Whose Revolution? — The Economist hosts a a lively digital debate on whether or not ‘Western’ countries should interfere in the Middle East.

Picking Up the Tab — The first day of Libyan air-strikes cost $100 million. Was it worth it? asks Robert Greenwald on AlertNet.

Remembrance — Let us not to forget the civilian victims of past ‘Allied’ air-strikes, urges Robert Fisk in an essay for the Independent.

Worth a Read — The New Yorker‘s Evan Osnos writes an elegantly elegiac piece on the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami.

That Bites — Kathy Marks tells the sad tale of Australia’s wild dog, the Dingo. If you recall, Elaine once addressed this issue on Seinfeld.

Political Theories — Hugo Chavez says capitalism probably killed life on mars. Yes, really.