Global Briefing, Mar. 30, 2011: Secret Wars and Snake Escapes

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Libyan Lament — In the besieged town of Bin Jawad, Abigail Hauslohner meets rebel fighters dismayed by the absence of allied planes. “Sarkozy betrayed us,” one says. “There are no planes,” says another.

Cricket’s Biggest Game — In an op-ed for the New York Times, Aakanksha Pande previews today’s India vs. Pakistan semi-final; Salil Tripathi mulls what is — and isn’t — at stake; Omar Waraich takes on the match’s diplomatic dimensions.

Power Politics — The New York Times profiles Samantha Power, academic, author and, according to one observer, “the foremost voice for human rights within the White House.” Read Power’s writing for TIME, here.

War Crimes — TIME’s Jim Frederick, author of book about the breakdown of one platoon deployed in Iraq, comments on the so-called ‘Kill Team,’ a group of American soldiers accused of war crimes.

Pakistan’s Secret War —Declan Walsh reports from Balochistan, where mutilated corpses are routinely turning up in parks and orchards — and few seem to care.

Facts on Fukushima — On Ecocentric, Eben Harrell takes a closer look at the potential risks posed by various forms of nuclear contamination. Full Japan coverage, here.

He Never Fears Anything’ — A new documentary, ‘Who’s Afraid of Ai Weiwei?’ chronicles the life of one of China’s most prominent and provocative artists. Read more about Ai, here.

Snake Stories — New York is going nuts over the cobra that escaped from the Bronx Zoo. Well, New York, I see your singular snake and raise you 40 live pythons. Yeah.