Global Briefing April 6, 2011: Bad Deals, Tough Guys and Missing Persons

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Missing Persons — A state-run newspapers blasted Ai Weiwei today, warning that he’ll “pay the price” for his choices. TIME’s Austin Ramzy explains why that’s definitely bad news for the missing Chinese artist.

Tough Guys — What’s French for ‘muscular’? Because that’s what the New York Times is calling France’s military posture. Sarko must be pleased.

Bad Deals — Italy’s immigration deal with Libya resulted in vulnerable civilians being returned to the hands of a brutal dictatorship. Stephen Faris reports from Argiento, Italy.

Addicted to War — On Foreign Policy, Stephen M. Walt lists 5 reasons America “keeps getting into foolish fights.”

Suddenly Spring — As the weather warms and the Taliban return from Pakistan, the city of Kandahar will be a crucial barometer to measure the success of the 2010 troop surge, writes Nate Rawlings for TIME.

Final Appeal — Slate’s Dalia Lithwick trashes the Obama administration’s decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a military court.

In Pictures — Light Box features a new iPad application that could change the way we photograph war.

Tiger Cubs — Remember the Tiger Mother?  Turns out her daughter got into Harvard. Relive the debate, here, here and here (oh, and here), or vote for Amy Chua in the TIME 100 poll — or not.