Global Briefing April 7, 2011: New Teams, Old Wars and Aging Rockers

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New Lineup — Obama’s is about to shake up his ‘war team,’ reports the New York Times. Find out who’s out (Gates) and who might be in (Patraeus? Panetta? Another dude with ‘p’ name?).

Hold Your Fire — Should Mexico call for a cease-fire with the drug cartels? asks Ioan Grillo. Watch our video on narco-rappers, here.

Imperial Projects — British empire was “avowedly racist despotism, built on ethnic cleansing and ruthless exploitation, which undeveloped vast areas and oversaw famines that killed tens of millions,” writes Seumas Milne. The country must face this fact head-on, or risk repeating its crimes, he warns.

What Ails Italy —  The Atlantic delves into the (racist, sexist) roots of the term ‘Bunga Bunga’; In a dispatch from Milan, Stephen Faris chronicles the brief, bizarre start to Berlusconi’s sex trial.

Same Old Songs — The Telegraph live-blogs the Bob Dylan concert in Beijing. He didn’t give Ai Weiwei a shout-out, or sing The Times They Are A-Changin. “I was a little disappointed that he didn’t sing many of his songs because of the politics,” one fan said.

Holy Wars — Sidney Jones of the International Crisis Group offers a thorough look at three strategies used by Indonesian jihadis and assesses the best prevention strategies.

Haiti’s Pain — World Policy Blog features a devastating account of rape in post-earthquake Haiti.

In Photos — TIME features photographs of life inside Japan’s evacuation centers; On a tour of a Libyan police station, journalists uncover a grim cache of photos that depict scenes of torture and abuse. View TIME’s photo gallery.