Global Briefing: Sorcery and Skullduggery

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Game of Thrones — As the world’s attention focuses on Pakistan, a fascinating power struggle is playing out in Iran between controversial President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the country’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The Guardian reports that a number of prominent Ahmadinejad allies have been arrested on archaic charges of “sorcery” as the spat gets nasty. Here’s an explainer breaking down the dispute in the corridors of power in Tehran.

Generals in Their Labyrinth — TIME’s Omar Waraich in Islamabad writes about how Pakistan’s military is under pressure in the wake of the U.S. raid in Abbottabad: “The consensus among diplomats and analysts is that the bin-Laden debacle will compel Pakistan’s military leadership to demonstrate a greater commitment to fighting al-Qaeda.”

Enough is Enough — In a powerful op-ed in the Pakistani daily Dawn, writer Cyril Almeida lashes out at the country’s security establishment — what he describes as “the paranoid schizophrenics marching this country into the abyss” — which has long dominated Pakistani politics.

Hungry Mouths — Demographers expect the world’s population will soon reach 10 billion. Can we feed them all?

After bin Laden — On, Tony Karon sees parallels between al-Qaeda’s imminent process of succession and what happened to the doomed tribe of Trotskyists in the early 20th century. Tim McGirk writes of bin Laden’s remaining wife, now in Pakistani custody.

Prizefighters: As Navy SEALs carried out the stunning mission to kill bin Laden, TIME looks at the Top 10 Elite Fighting Units, including squads in contemporary armies as well as some of history’s most famous brigades.