Global Briefing, May 12, 2011: Big Love and Big Spenders

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Talking Torture — Sen. John McCain condemns the use of so-called ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ in an important, if overwrought, op-ed for the Washington Post.

Common Ground — In Foreign Affairs Jonathan Kay explains why Americans should care about the Canadian election. His take: “Canada will align more closely with the United States on a broad range of foreign policies, including border protection, the war against terrorism, and support for Israel.”   (Of course, not everyone will welcome that change).

Chopper Chatter— Ishaan Tharoor mulls China’s place in the “interminable, ungainly tango that is the U.S.-Pakistani alliance.” The Middle Kingdom’s request to see America’s downed stealth chopper suggests that China is keen to encourage security competition in South Asia, he says.

More Dogs of War — Unsurprisingly, people can’t get enough of the bin Laden-hunting dog. The Times has an super-earnest story about Labradors in combat in Afghanistan: “An attack on the Lab was an attack on a fellow warrior.”  Want more? We’ve got pictures, here.

Hey Big Spender — The Guardian‘s Tania Branigan visits Macau, which the world’s gaming capital.  She finds bright lights, big spenders and no shortage of intrigue.

Big Love, Abottabad — Tim McGirk details how the world’s most wanted terrorist kept three wives and 17 children living under one (top secret) roof.

In Pictures — Light Box features the work of TIME contributor Peter van Agtmael, winner of the Infinity award. The essay includes photographs from both Afghanistan and America.