Moment of Impact Caught on Camera as Spanish High-Speed Train Derails [VIDEO]

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A speeding train slammed into a concrete wall Wednesday as it approached Santiago de Compostela, a small city in northwest Spain. The train was reportedly traveling at 190 km/h (120 mph) as it rounded a corner, speeding at more than twice the posted 80 km/h limit. All eight of the train’s cars plowed into the concrete wall as the cars left the tracks, killing at least 78 and injuring more than 140 in Spain’s deadliest train accident in 40 years. One of the train’s drivers is being formally investigated as cleanup continues. 218 people were aboard the six-hour trip from Madrid to Ferrol; the train was only about 95 km (60 mi) from its final destination when it crashed.

This month alone has been a tragic one for train accidents: this latest crash comes on the heels of the Lac-Megantic explosion in Quebec that killed around 50 and one just outside of Paris that took killed six.

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