Obama Agrees to Talks on Proposal To Secure Syria’s Chemical Weapons

Syria says it accepts the Russian proposal to surrender chemical weapons

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Updated: 11:21 a.m.

President Barack Obama agreed to discussions with the United Nations Security Council on a Russian proposal to secure Syria’s chemical weapons as the potential diplomatic solution gains steam, the Associated Press reports

France, initially a strong supporter of a military strike on Syria, said Tuesday that it intended to propose a UN Security Council resolution in support of the Russian-proposed plan, which has also won support from China. Both Russia and China oppose a military strike, eliminating the chance for a UN-backed military operation.

Syria’s Foreign Minister said Tuesday that his government agreed to the Russian plan, proposed Monday, so as to “derail the U.S. aggression,” the Associated Press reports. Russia is working with Syria to produce a detailed action plan that will be finalized with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the Russian foreign minister said. The Arab League president told reporters Tuesday that he supported the Russian proposal.

Obama on Monday expressed deep skepticism over the plan but said it was “potentially a significant breakthrough.” He is expected to deliver a national address Tuesday on the Syrian crisis.