‘Super Typhoon’ on Track to Deluge Hong Kong

The strongest storm of the year is on path to collide with Taiwan and southern China

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A couple watch waves from atop anti-tsunami barriers after a storm

With winds exceeding 160 mph, the newly promoted “Super Typhoon” Usagi is on course to douse Hong Kong as early as Sunday. On Thursday, the storm was upgraded to the equivalent of a category five Atlantic hurricane after its wind speeds were touted to jump from 75 mph to more than 150 mph in just 33 hours time.

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Usagi is expected to continue to harnesses its strength for the next day before the brunt of the storm hits south eastern Taiwan early on Saturday. If the powerful typhoon sticks to its projected course, it will likely lose a bit of steam, with peak winds hovering around 100 mph, as it plows into Hong Kong and on across the Chinese mainland on Sunday.

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