Bombs Kill 15 in Iraq Mosque

Two bombs concealed in air conditioning units exploded in the Sunni facility during Friday prayers.

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At least 15 people are dead after two bombs exploded in a Sunni mosque in southern Iraq during Friday prayers, Reuters reports.

The bombs were reportedly hidden inside air conditioning units in a mosque in al-Mafraq, about six miles south of Samarra. At least 17 people were reportedly wounded in the attack.

The fragile balance between religious sects in Iraq has become increasingly strained in recent weeks, as tensions spill over from the civil war in Syria, in which primarily Sunni rebels are fighting to overthrow a regime backed by Shi’ite Iran. According to Reuters, Shi’ite militia have generally held back from retaliating against Sunni insurgents but that may be coming to an end, as incidents in recent weeks suggest the militias may be returning to violence.

According to Reuters, the UN reports 800 killed in attacks in Iraq during the month of August.