Militants Kill 38 Soldiers in Coordinated Attack in Yemen

Officials say militants detonated two car bombs and firefights were still underway

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Hani Mohammed / AP

A policeman checks a car at the entrance of Sanaa International Airport, Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013, in Yemen.

Under the cover of heavy fog, suspected Al-Qaeda militants ambushed soldiers in Yemen’s Shabwa province on Friday, killing 38 and wounding many more. Two car bombs exploded at the gate of a military encampment, according to Reuters. A Yemeni official told the Associated Press that eight militants have been killed so far and that gunfights were still underway.

Al-Qaeda and the army have repeatedly clashed in the lawless province in southeastern Yemen. Islamist militants temporarily seized control of several of its towns in 2011 and have assassinated dozens of security and military officials.

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