Greek Minister to Golden Dawn: Walk Out of Parliament, Please

Rumors of a huffy exit have been greeted with barely suppressed joy by Greece's Deputy PM

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STR / AFP / Getty Images

Members and supporters of the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn party chant the national anthem in front of the Greek Parliament in central Athens on May 29, 2013

Greek media has been abuzz with rumors that the far-right party, Golden Dawn, may protest a widening investigation into its extremism by staging a walkout from Parliament, thereby forcing a new election. Greece’s Deputy Prime Minister has welcomed the idea with open arms. “It’s not a threat. It’s a great opportunity,” said Evangelos Venizelos in an interview with Reuters.

Support for Golden Dawn dropped by a third this month after antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas was fatally stabbed by a self-proclaimed member of Golden Dawn. Party officials deny any connection to the murder, but 78% of Greeks beg to differ. An equal percentage of Greeks designated the party as either a “fascist organization” or a “criminal organization under the guise of a populist movement.”

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Hence, Venizelos’ barely suppressed joy at the prospect of 18 Golden Dawn’s seats going up for grabs at the worst time possible for the party and the best time possible for its swelling opposition. Golden Dawn has remained tight-lipped about the maneuver, which Venizelos called “political suicide,” while encouraging them to jump.