Two Further Deadly Attacks in Kenya

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Just days after heavily armed militants stormed a crowded shopping mall in Nairobi and killed scores of people, three more people have been killed in attacks near the border with Somalia, Kenyan officials said on Thursday, according to the New York Times.

There were two attacks, according to Kenyan officials. The first was against a group of police officers on foot patrol in Wajir on Wednesday night. In that attack a bystander was killed, reports the New York Times. Assailants struck again early on Thursday, raiding a police camp in Mandera, killing two police officers and setting fire to twelve vehicles, the New York Times adds.

The Kenyan authorities immediately blamed al-Shabab, the militant group that claimed responsibility for the weekend’s attack on the Westgate shopping mall, says the New York Times. Rono Bunei, the Mandera police commander, said – according to the New York Times – that the attack in Mandera was under investigation, “but obviously it leads to suggest that either the al-Shabab or their sympathizers are responsible.”

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