Praise and Criticism for Iranian President After Call With Obama

Cheers from supporters, a hurled shoe from critics

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani arrived home Saturday to both praise and criticism of his historic phone call with President Barack Obama the day before.

When Rouhani arrived back in Tehran, the Associated Press reports, a group of protestors chanted “Death to America.” Some tried to block his motorcade. At least one demonstrator hurled a shoe, and some chanted “Dialogue with Satan is not ‘hope and prudence.'” Reports said eggs were thrown at Rouhani’s car.

Supporters greeted his return with cheers, with one holding a sign that read, “Yes to peace, no to war,” according to the AP. One newspaper headline in the country announced “Historic contact on the flight back home.”

The 15-minute chat Friday was the first direct contact between leaders of the two countries since 1979, and came as the countries are eying a possible diplomatic resolution to the years-long standoff over Iran’s nuclear program.