Taking a Jab at Netanyahu, Iranians Model Their Jeans on Twitter

A flood of sarcastic tweets greets Netanyahu's comment that if Iranians were free, they could don denim and listen to rock

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Bobby Model / National Geographic / Getty Images

Iranian women eye the latest fashion in tight fitting western jeans, Hamadan, Lorestan, Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a recent interview with the BBC’s Persian broadcasting service that if Iranians were truly free, they could wear jeans, enjoy western music and participate in free elections.

Iranians reacted to the comment by pulling on their favorite pairs of jeans, taking selfies on their smartphones, and posting them on Twitter alongside a sarcastic jab @Netanyahu.

One user wearing year-old jeans tweeted, “I should buy a new one.” Another posted a picture of a subway car filled with jean-clad passengers as far as the eye can see.