Another Blonde Girl Removed From Roma Family

Second girl found in Roma camps this month to raise suspicion

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Irish police removed a seven-year old blonde girl from a Roma family in Dublin on Monday, just days after Greek authorities charged a Roma couple with abducting a blonde girl found in their care who wasn’t their daughter.

The police seized the girl after receiving a tip about a blonde-haired, blue-eyed child who looked nothing like her family, the Sunday World reports. The couple told police that the child was their daughter, but officers were suspicious of the documents they produced, including a birth certificate and a passport that contained a baby picture.

The couple said the child was born at Coombe Hospital in Dublin, but the hospital has no record of a child born on the girl’s birthday.

Neither parent has been arrested.

The case is remarkably similar to the mystery surrounding Maria, the blonde girl found last week in Greece with a Roma couple who are not her parents. The couple accused of kidnapping Maria have said they adopted her from a destitute mother who could not care for her.

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