Bulgarian Woman Questioned in Missing “Maria” Case

Sasha Ruseva, 38, said she is willing to take a DNA test

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Greek Police / AP

In this police handout photo taken on Thursday , Oct. 17, 2013, Christos Salis, 39, right, and his companion Eleftheria Dimopoulou, 40, or Selini Sali — as the woman has two separate sets of identity papers — pose with the little girl only known as "Maria" in the Larisa regional police headquarters, Greece

A Roma woman living in Bulgaria has been questioned by police Thursday to determine if she is the mother of the missing girl known as “Maria,” who was found living in Greece with a couple to whom she was not related.

Sasha Ruseva, 38, said she gave birth to a child in Greece “several years ago” but left the girl behind because she could not support her. Ruseva said she is willing to submit to a DNA test, the Associated Press reports.

“Maria’s” case garnered widespread attention after police found the fair-skinned blond child living with a family to whom she bore little resemblance. A DNA test later verified she was not related to the family with whom she was living.