Norway Fights Divorce With ‘Date Night’

A campaign to cut the nation's 40 percent divorce rate

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Concerned with a rising divorce rate, Norway is urging its married citizens to make time for one another by encouraging more date nights.

Solveig Horne, the new minister for children, equality and social inclusion and member of Norway’s Progress Party, said promoting date nights among couples could help reduce the nation’s 40 percent divorce rate, the Guardian reports.

“It is important to find small pockets of time where parents can be lovers,” said Horne, a divorcee herself. While there’s no plans to make alone time mandatory for married couples, Horne has indicated she intends to ask for more funding for family counseling.

Horne said that she actually drew inspiration for the idea from the 2010 romantic comedy Date Night, starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell.

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