European Aviation Agencies Reconsidering Rules on Electronic Devices

The UK Civil Aviation Authority said change could come within months

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European transportation regulators are reconsidering rules for inflight use of electronics following Thursday’s announcement that American travelers will be able to use small devices throughout the flight, including takeoff and landing.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday that passengers will be able to use devices like e-readers, tablets  and game consoles throughout the entirety of the flight.

A spokesman for the UK Civil Aviation Authority told the Guardian that a decision is expected “within months.” The final authority, the spokesperson said, lies with the European Aviation Safety Agency, which oversees flights throughout the European Union.

“We will be studying the review’s recommendations closely and discussing their implications directly with the FAA and also with the European Aviation Safety Agency,” the spokesperson said.

A spokesperson for the European agency told the French newspaper Le Monde that the EASA will work with the FAA toward a decision.

“It’s clear that it’s necessary to evolve the rules and conditions of application,” the EASA spokesperson said.

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