Hacker Group Anonymous Targets Singapore with Cyber Attack Over Censorship

Group says it will be "forced to go to war" with Singaporean government

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Vivek Prakash / Reuters

Protesters from the Anonymous India group of hackers wear Guy Fawkes masks as they protest against laws they say gives the government control over censorship of Internet usage in Mumbai, June 9, 2012.

A hacktivist claiming to be affiliated with the notorious international hacker outfit Anonymous successfully infiltrated a pro-government’s newspaper website in Singapore on Friday to protest an Internet licensing framework for news websites on the island nation.

According to a report by AFP, a hacker under the nom de guerre Messiah managed to break into a journalist’s blog at the Straits Times, where they expressed both disdain for the new ruling and called on the journalist to apologize “to the citizens of Singapore for trying to mislead them.”

In a video posted on Youtube earlier on Friday, Anonymous bragged about the hack and said if the government did not scrap the regulations of the new framework then “we will be forced to go to war with you”.