Toronto Mayor’s Lawyer Says Video Doesn’t Show Him Smoking Crack

Says it's actually marijuana or tobacco

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The lawyer for embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said Friday that a video in police possession doesn’t show the mayor smoking crack cocaine as has been alleged, but rather marijuana or tobacco, and that the video should be released.

Dennis Morris told CBC News said Ford is “innocent of any allegations made about his smoking crack cocaine” and that neither city police, nor the Toronto Star reporters who claimed they viewed the footage, could confirm that the substance in the glass pipe was actually crack cocaine. Morris’ pushback comes one day after an Ontario judge released hundreds of documents that show police had been following Ford for months as part of an investigation into his friend and accused drug dealer, Alexander “Sandro” Lisi.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair said Thursday that police had recovered a file deleted from a computer that was in line with “those images which were previously reported in the press.” Although he said he is “disappointed” in Ford, he noted there was nothing in the video to warrant a charge against the mayor. Lisi has been arrested for extortion, a charge related to attempts to obtain the Ford video, and will appear in court Friday morning.

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