Glenn Greenwald’s Partner Accused of ‘Espionage’ and ‘Terrorism’

Court document sheds light on August detainment of David Miranda at a London airport

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Janine Gibson for the Guardian / AP

Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald (R) and his partner David Miranda.

David Miranda, domestic partner of Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who broke news about the NSA surveillance leaks, was believed to be involved with “espionage” and “terrorism” when he was detained at a London airport in August, British authorities said.

Authorities seized Miranda’s laptop and electronic media that included 58,000 documents from the NSA and its British equivalent, Government Communications Headquarters, at Heathrow International Airport on his way back to Brazil, where he lives with Greenwald, according to documents at a London court hearing Wednesday.

“We assess that Miranda is knowingly carrying material the release of which would endanger people’s lives,” the document said. “Additionally the disclosure, or threat of disclosure, is designed to influence a government and is made for the purpose of promoting a political or ideological cause. This therefore falls within the definition of terrorism…”

Miranda was held for nine hours but was not charged with any offense.