Iran Says Nuclear Deal Is Possible

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From left: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani talks to Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at the presidential office in Tehran, on Aug. 4, 2013

A nuclear deal between Iran and the United States and other Western powers may be possible this week.

In a couple of days, negotiations will be resumed in Geneva, and Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Jawad Zarif has made hopeful comments about a possible deal. In an interview with the television network France 24, Zarif said, “I believe it is even possible to reach that agreement this week. But I can only talk for our side. I cannot talk for the other side,” the New York Times reports.

Since Hassan Rouhani was elected in June, Iran has been working on outreach, the Times reports. Rouhani has focused on getting rid of sanctions that are hurting Iran’s economy, and has appeared willing to discuss nuclear program limits. In October, Iran offered a framework for discussions which were well received, but no immediate deal was hammered out as a result.

The countries involved in the talks include United Nations Security Council members the U.S., China, Russia, France and England. Germany is also involved.

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